Created during Fuck This Jam, Stutter is a task tracking and focus management tool using a modified Pomodoro method.



For when you need a codename.



Increased visibility and use of the FlashPunk AS3 game library by rebranding, creating a website, video tutorials and developer community.

Space Junk

You are the captain of a derelict space vessel in the midst of space pirate territory. With your weapons as your only means to navigate, you must salvage scraps of your defeated enemies to keep yourself in the fight least you become space junk!

Space Junk was chosen as a finalist and then voted the 1st place winner of Boing Boing’s Games Inspired by Music competition.

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Money Thief

In Money Thief, you must steal money! It turns out, the money (root of all evil, et cetera) you’ve stolen is the TRUE enemy, turning those without it into crazy people, hellbent on retrieving what was once theirs!


Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 18. Placed 11th overall out of over 170 entries!

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Red Chaser

Red Chaser is quite simple: You are an AWESOME RED SQUARE. Every other square IS AN ASSHOLE, so DON’T TOUCH THEM, or it’s GAME OVER. But, it’s no biggie, because AS SOON AS YOU LOSE IT’S TIME TO PLAY AGAIN. Yeah, you’re so cool, thinkin’ you’re still doing awesome. YOU’RE NOT ANYMORE. YOU LOST. SORRY, DAWG.

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Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce

Bounce bounce bounce bounce your way to a high score! Put some spin on the ball and curve your way through waves of enemies! Collect powerups and avoid bullets! It’s as easy as bounce bounce bounce bounce!

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The Ascent (Of Golden Boy)

The Ascent was created for the So Many Rooms game jam. Climb to the top of a treacherous tower, or be destroyed by spinning blades. The choice is yours!

The Ascent (Of Golden Boy)

Escape From Music Manor: A Rhythmic Roguelike!

Created for Ludum Dare 21, Escape from Music Manor: A Rhythmic Roguelike! is a single-button game. You play an unfortunate guest trapped in Music Manor. You must press Escape in time with the beat to select the actions you will perform. Do your best to escape with your life!

Escape From Music Manor

Tales of Vesperia Tavern Waiter Tool

Created during a holiday break, this tool helps keep track of orders given in the tavern waiting mini-game in Tales of Vesperia. Bespoke software saves trees.

Tales of Vesperia Tavern Waiter Tool