I would like to be your mentor.

I would like everyone to know that I participating in the /mentoring movement that was started by Diana Kimball. The basic gist of the movement is that I provide a link to a page (a "/mentoring" page, if you will) that describes my life experiences and encourages people who would like to learn from me to do so. I promise to respond to all of you folks, so feel free to read over my experiences and flood my inbox.

Hello world!

There's something about getting into a pair of comfortable pajamas, throwing on a t-shirt and a hoodie, propping my feet up on the coffee table, turning on the television and working on some random bits of code—a game prototype that's rushing toward design, learning AIR by writing development tools, or messing around with some new-fangled web technology that all the cool hackers are talking about—that just puts me in a good mood and really improves my creativity. It's those nights when I just know that I'll have completely squashed these bugs with just one more build. Of course, it rarely ever happens. I don't mind, because I know that it'll take just one more build.

I am a developer. I make video games. It's a pleasure to meet you.