Business Cards v2.0

Business cards.

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I've been tweaking my business card design to make the biggest impact. Based on some discussion with come coleagues and designers, I've made a few small changes. Read on for the five simple changes I made to my card based on critiques and suggestions.

1. QR Improvements

Based on feedback, one of the largest complaints people were having with the cards were the large QR codes which took up half the space on the business side of the card. I've customized it to prominately feature Money Thief, color-coded to the color theme of the card. This breaks up the QR code and now, while perfectly readable, it's cute and fun. Additionally, the URL now sends our new friends to a specialized GDC 2012 site.

2. Logotype Leading

Many people were instantly thrown off by the small leading, or distance between lines of text. The the and game studio were too close together, making the logo feel way too cluttered and constricted. I spread it out just a bit more (the same leading between game and studio on the narrow-set logotype) to help the logotype feel a bit more comfortable.

3. Business Border

Instead of a solid-color background or a plain white background, I was suggested by a colleague to try a colored border and white space. This gives the business side of the card a more open feel, while continuing to "set it off" with a touch of color.

4. Logotype URL

A few people had the complaint that the card didn't have the website on it anywhere. I held the argument, "Sure it does! Look at my email address! It's got '' right in there!" Then, they would silently shake their heads, and refuse to help me further. A tiny .net at the end of the logotype instantly implies a URL. Go there.

5. Tom Hanksin It

Finally, I took some key pieces of the design—logo, email address and job title—and made them just a bit larger. Bigger is better, right? Right? Also, the cards are now the size of those novelty checks that you see on sweepstakes shows.

I'm about to ship these cards off to get printed. I'm still looking for a good local printer, and there's probably one or two minor tweaks to make, but other than that, I'm very pleased with how these cards have turned out!