The The Game Studio Business Card: GDC 2012 Update

Business cards

My girlfriend and I are headed to San Francisco next month to attend the Game Developer's Conference, and I want us to make as big an impact as we can, short of running naked through Yerba Buena park. Last year, I took some screenshots of old (and non-existant) games that I developed under my game studio, The Game Studio, put them on some Moo cards, and called it a day. This year, we're going for something completely different.


Each card has two interchangable sides designed for simple, effective, targeted deployment for any situation thrown at you:

  1. The "business side," featuring a GDC 2012-specific QR code, prominent narrow-set company logotype and a splash of color, allowing effecient promotion of company pride on your part and company jealousy on the part of those not currently receiving this card (it'll be short-lived, because there will be enough cards to go around); and
  2. The "personal side," featuring a prominent, wide-set company logotype, a secondary, color-coded brand to quickly indicate position and role in the company, a first-last name pair, a decimal-deliniated electronic mail address and a broad-band micro-graphic masquerading as a border. I tell ya', this side is packed with enough personalized information to totally make a new friend.

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Deployment of the card is simple.

  1. Identify the target recipient's intentions.
    • If his intentions are completely business-oriented, you'll want to deploy "business-side" first.
    • If his intentions have a good chance of a party invitation or dinner-meeting, you'll want to deploy "personal-side" first.
  2. With the card in the left hand, targeted-side out, you'll extend your right hand for a firm, dry handshake. This is known in the corporate world as "the docking manuver". (Note: This is a completely different manuver from "docking"—neither direct penile contact nor attached foreskin are required from either party.)
  3. Once you've successfully docked, you are in control. Deploy the card by extending your left hand and stating your name, rank and company loudly and clearly ("Hi, I'm Zachary Lewis, the owner and lead developer of The Game Studio.").
  4. Continue to slowly, yet charmingly, shake your target's hand until he has taken your card, at which juncture you can undock and proceed at ease.

Makes, Models and Colors

The cards are still extremely experimental, but this is what is currently under development:


Each card comes standard with a 1"-square QR code; however, depending on the tech-savvyness and eyesight of your target, you can opt for a 1.5"-square QR code for your target to scan with his old-peoples' LG Bifocolia or a completely discrete, invisible QR code, allowing use of a pen to further direct and influence the target.

Text Treatment

Since GDC is held in San Francisco, CA, it's important that our logotype go both ways: Left and right. We also have a rainbow version. Just sayin'.

Rainbow of Color

Regardless of what your position in the company is, there's a color to categorize you. Yes, you are nothing more than a color in our eyes; however, we are colorblind.

You're Welcome

Now that you've been familiarized with the basics of our new card, be on the look out for it at GDC this March!